Norman Security Suite

20 10 2009

Norman Security Suite

  • Complete antivirus and antispyware for your computer
  • Protects you against virus, spyware, trojans and malware continuously
  • Low memory usage and CPU load for improved performance
  • Your email is scanned for virus before sending to your contacts
  • Stay secure with proactive protection
  • How it works:

    • Virus protection recognizes, blocks, and removes viruses, worms, trojans and other varieties of destructive program code
    • Spyware protection protects against malicious spyware as keyloggers, hijackers, rootkits and other malicious software jeopardizing your privacy, identity or simply reducing computer performance
    • Rootkit protection provides enhanced protection, detecting and removing rootkits
    • Live Statistics gives you an overview over files scanned and number of infections found.
    • Proactive malware protection uses Norman SandBox technology to keep your personal data free from new unknown viruses, trojans, worms and other malicious programs.
    • Protects email, instant messaging (IM), Internet downloads and web browsing
    • Auto-update of all security modules runs silently in the background.
    • Protective screensaver scans your computer for viruses and spyware when the screensaver is active.
    • Instant file and folder scan lets you quickly and efficiently scan for malicious content by right clicking a file or folder.



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