CA Antivirus 2010 Review

15 11 2009

CA Anti-Virus 2009

1-Year of protection for up to 3 PCs
Includes a PC Tune-Up Scan at no additional cost!
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CA Antivirus 2010 is a solid virus scanner that works well to find and eliminate viruses. Unfortunately, this is all it can do. There are no extra features included with CA Antivirus beyond the bare minimums. In many cases, this could be considered an asset due to speed increases associated with many minimalist programs. CA doesn’t take advantage of this in the 2009 version which still slows your computer down all around.

Ease of Use:

CA Antivirus is extremely easy to use. Full system scans are only 2 clicks from the main program screen. If you need to change any advanced options, of which there are very few, you will have to go a little bit deeper within the program to find them.


CA Antivirus has been known for having solid products throughout their history. They didn’t fail to impress this time around. The engine that is used for CA Antivirus is WCL, ICSA and VB100% certified and is well equipped to find and clean any viruses that it finds on your computer.


Updates are checked for once a day if set to update automatically. If you have a need to get faster updates, there is an option to change the frequency of the automatic updates. You also have the ability to update manually if you have the need to do so.

Feature Set:

CA Antivirus includes no extended features that we could find in our testing of the product. Standard antivirus features such as a virus scanner, scan scheduling utility and quarantine are present, but comprise the full extent of features included with CA Antivirus.

Ease of Installation:

Installing CA Antivirus was fast and easy. There was a glitch on the registration screen that wouldn’t allow us to register the product correctly. This issue did not hold us back as we could just cancel the registration.


CA Antivirus 2010 is a good product for specific antivirus needs. It includes a good antivirus engine and stops there. Extended features are saved for other products within the CA family. If you have a specific need for JUST an antivirus program, CA Antivirus is a good option.

Please, visit CA US Home Page and choose product you need!
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3 responses

16 11 2009

I use this antivirus very seldom, but maybe i’ll try it 😉

7 02 2010

Good discount.

25 02 2010

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