Review of Trend AntiVirus 2010

29 11 2009

Trend Micro

Today We want to offer to you review of Trend Micro AntiVirus 2010 is the essential security you need so you can email and share files with confidence. About a few years ago, the 2005 version was in the top antivirus programs with many awards (from CNET and other websites). But now, about 4 years later Protect your home computers and networks, mobile devices and personal information with Trend Micro. TrendMicro doesn’t appear to be at the top. Why did it happen ? See our review below…

Installation :(4.5 of 5):

Trend Micro AntiVirus 2010 installed in about 2.5 minutes and the computer was immediately ready to protect you from viruses (no reboots. Sometimes it’s so important 😉 . The installation process was smooth and easy, however it would have been nice to see some customization of options built into the install process since users rarely alter options after installation. Overall, a good installation process.

Features & Ease of Use: (4.5 of 5)

We can’t find any glaring flaws in user interface, but we think it’s very simple and easy to use and gives to user an excellent set of options for control over the program. Trend Micro Antivirus also protects against Spyware and Rootkits, as well as having Email scanning and Proactive intrusion blocking capabilities.


 a)Virus Scanner (2.5 of 5)

In Trend Micro we can find three types of scanning: Quick Scan, Full System Scan, and Custom Scan.

 Full System Scan :If you want to scan all your files on all drivers you have to know – that type of scan takes a long time. For example, computer with 70 GB of used space on its hard-drive took just under 65 minutes.

 The Quick Scan of our test computer took just under 3.5 minutes – giving users a nice quick check of their system’s security.

 In Custom scan you can select what you want to scan.


 Our testing showed that Trend Micro updated its virus definition database on average only 2.2 times per day – much less than Norton Antivirus, which updates its software on average 242 times per day. Of course it’s seldom, but we do not know how many information Trend Micro adding when they update it’s virus databases.

b)System Resource Usage

Unfortunatelly, Trend Micro AntiVirus was the worst program in our System Resource Usage Testing this year. View the results of the Antivirus tests we performed below…

Memory Use: Trend Micro AntiVirus uses 17.9 MB of memory. 5th-place rating of the 10 Antivirus programs tested.

Reboot Time: Trend Micro added 10.1 seconds to our test computer’s reboot time. 3rd-place rating of the 10 Antivirus programs tested.

Installation Size: Trend Micro takes 435 MB hard-drive space for installation. Worst rated (#10) of the 10 Antivirus programs tested.

Application Launch Time:TrendMicro AntiVirus 2010 added 0.407s on average to launch a web browser. Again, Trend is the Worst rated (#10) of the 10 Antivirus programs tested.

File Conversion Time: : Trend Micro added 1.97s on average to convert a MP3 file to four other file types. Yet again, Worst rated (#10) of the 10 Antivirus programs tested.

c) Effectiveness: (2 of 5)

• AV Comparatives is an independent Antivirus testing lab in Austria providing some of the most trusted Virus detection tests in the industry. However, AV Comparatives hasn’t tested Trend Micro Antivirus since 2005 when it was one of the worst products and dropped from further testing. No rating by AV Comparatives due to poor previous results should be a red-flag for those considering this Antivirus program.
We hope that in future AV Comparatives will change this decision, because Trend Micro it’s also famous antivirus but it has bad period for now.

• ICSA Labs Certified (although it hasn’t been included in testing since March/09). ICSA is an independent organization that sets standards for security products and certifies anti-virus software.

• Virus Bulletin’s certification is given to antivirus software that detects all viruses “in the wild.” Trend FAILED the last 3 tests it was part of (in 2007 and 2008), and has since been dropped from further testing.

• West Coast Labs Checkmark Anti-Virus Desktop Certification. WCL specializes in functionality testing, performance validation and Checkmark Certification of security products.

Help & Support (4 of 5)

Trend Micro’s support is very thorough. They have an extensive online Knowledge Base, Free Email Support, Free Chat, and Free Phone Support – which not many Antivirus vendors offer anymore.

We tested Trend’s email support and received an answer 80 minutes later. The email reply was prompt and answered our question very well.


From a quick glance, Trend Micro appears to be a good Antivirus program, but when you look at the program’s all-important Performance its failures become very apparent. Its System Resource Usage was the worst we tested this year, and it failed several important Antivirus Certification tests – making one question its Effectiveness as an Antivirus program. An Antivirus program that appears quite good, yet fails in terms of Performance and Effectiveness should be a red-flag to avoid it and to instead try another Antivirus program .

However, we think that we can’t throw Trend Micro Antivirus to trash. It’s still good antivirus with good support (it’s so important) and other pleasant features.

Trend Micro's Internet Security 2010




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