Choose an antivirus software

3 12 2009

Choose an antivirus software

Today, almost everyone have a computer. And of course, you store a lot of different information on it. Such as mp3, avi, doc and etc. files. Obviously, you have files that are very important for you. As many other people you want to protect this information and from this moment you have one question – what antivirus software to use.

When you start to search, you understand – so many different antivirus software titles available. You want to make sure that you are choosing the right one for your computer and for your needs. In this situation there are a few main things that you should consider when you are choosing an antivirus program for your computer.

Updates frequency – The first and important thing that you want to know is how often the virus definitions are updated. Updates are very important, because each virus has separate algorithm for it deletion from computer. When new virus appears, your antivirus do not know how kill it. In this case antivirus updates its base and remove virus from computer, because now it know how. If your antivirus updates its base regularly – your computer is well protected.

Definitions automatically updated – The second thing which is a good thing to consider is if the program is going to automatically update the definitions. This is something that you can do yourself, but antivirus software isn’t going to forget like you might With all of the new viruses that you hear about coming out, it is a good idea to know that you have an antivirus program that is going to update itself to protect your computer against them.

Online checking for updates – another good feature of an antivirus software . It’s very useful when antivirus automatically updates its database when you connecting to internet. Possibility to create schedule for updates is a big plus.

Email scanner – very useful feature. When you send or receive email, antivirus software scans your letter for viruses. It’s very actual problem today, when viruses are spread through email without the knowledge of either the recipient or the sender. If your antivirus has email scanner – your computer well protected from infected emails.

Regular scans – The final thing that you want to do is choose for an antivirus software that gives you the ability to set it to automatically scan your computer. Many times you may have a virus on your computer without even knowing it, so being able to scan the computer on a regular basis automatically is a good idea. The antivirus program going to keep your computer clean and help it to run at its optimum speed, and it will also help you keep your computer from spreading to other people.

Efficiency – very important. Why do you think there are many antivirus software reviews in internet ? Because different products has different efficiency, settings, user interface and etc. But you have to know – Efficiency is one of the very important parameters for antivirus software. You software must detects any virus and has ability to remove it from your computer.

Simple to use. Do you want to have some numbers of forms with settings ? No. User interface must be easy to use and be understandable. It’s very uncomfortable when you have to remember many parameters. You have to know basic things and if antivirus software have easy to use and user friendly interface – it’s a big plus.

Support – do not smile, it very pleasant when you can communicate with support. There are many cases when your can not adjust your software: set parameter, accept key and etc. Support always helps to you. Good support it’s a big plus for antivirus product.

Computer antivirus software is something that is very important, not just for you but for the other people that you are communicating with on the Internet. Viruses can be sent through different venues- email, instant messages, files, and more. You can get a virus even just browsing the Internet. So it’s a good idea to make sure that you are protected, and in turn you are protecting the people that you are communicating with. Viruses are rampant and they are everywhere, so you may even be infected without knowing it. It is not worth taking that chance, since you have a lot that you can lose without the protection.




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