Computer Protection Software classification

31 05 2010

Anti-virus Software

Anti-virus software can protect your computer and remove viruses, trojans ,worms and malicious programs. Why to protect from viruses? You have to know that today we have many types of viruses. Each of them have own behaviour and target. There are numerous possible variants: corrupt data, delete files, crypt data by own algorithm and etc. But all of them have only one goal: corrupt and infect your data.

Anti-spyware Software

Anti-spyware is used for  protection and removal spyware software. Many of us have important data, saved on hdd. It can be different data: personal information, passwords, documents and etc. Spyware programs work silent. They transfer your data to another computer through network (internet, for example). As you understand it can be very dangerous for you. It’s why you should use Anti-spyware Software.

Personal Firewall Software

Personal firewall software is also designed for security reasons. This type of software is using to protect computer from hackers, unauthorized access through network and internet.

Firewall will alert the message when there is any unauthorized access to computer. With installed firewall software, user can easily restrict access to programs in computer.

Parental Control Software

Parental Control Software is the software design specifically for purpose to help parents to protect their child from accessing to inappropriate content on the internet such as adult website, gambling website, violation content, and more.

Internet Security Software

Internet Security Software is a completed  security solution. It consists of  anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, personal firewall, parental control and some other additional features.

In other words  Internet security = Anti-virus + Anti-Spyware + Personal Firewall + Parental Control + More additional features




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